Important Update: In order to earn points, your name must be listed in the Primary Partner Rep field on your SFDC opportunity.


Inquiries about Missing Points
If you are missing points for specific opportunities, please Contact us and be sure to include you "opportunity ID18-NEW" so we can find your opportunity.

When will I start earning points after I register?
After you receive your welcome email with your unique partner rewards ID please ensure that your name is stated in the primary partner rep field on your opportunities in the Siemens Sales Portal ( credit for training is automated based on courses you complete in the Learning Center.
How long does it take for my points to be deposited?Please allow between 4 to 6 weeks from your date of order acceptance or training completion for points to be deposited into your account.
How often are award orders processed?Award orders are processed upon submission. Once processed, you should allow approximately 4-6 weeks for receipt of your award.
How often are the Current Promotions and point values updated?Current Promotions and point values are updated on a quarterly basis, at the beginning of the quarter.
How long does it take for sales activity and point value changes to take effect after they are announced?Siemens will always provide a 5 day notice before specific current promotions are retired or point values are adjusted downward. These announcements are made on the Current Promotions page. Any program changes that involve increases in point values or newly-eligible Current Promotions will always be effective immediately upon announcement. Any changes to the notice timeframe will be updated in the terms and conditions.
How are changes to the point values and Eligible Sales Activities announced?Changes to the point values and eligible sales activities are announced on the Current Promotions page, which is viewable when logged in to the Siemens Digital Industries Software Partner Rewards site.
Who can I contact if I have questions or feedback on Siemens Digital Industries Software Partner Rewards site?For specific questions on point balances, rewards prizes, account status, feedback and all other inquiries, please contact Siemens Digital Industries Software Partner Rewards at
How do I return, exchange, or cancel a product from my award order?To return, exchange, or cancel a product from your award order, please contact Siemens Digital Industries Software Partner Rewards at
If I leave my Company, what happens to my reward points?Please refer to the current Terms and Conditions on the program website.
How many Sales Certifications can I earn points for?Active members in the Partner Rewards program will be rewarded points for 1 completed certification per level of PreSales Professional, Sales Professional and Sales Expert. We encourage you to take multiple certification trainings to increase your knowledge of Siemens Digital Industries Software, and thus increase your success. However, we will only reward points for 1 per level. 
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